Blugold Mile, Water Street Mile & Musical Mile

Barstow Block Party

Join hundreds of spectators and fans along Eau Claire's main downtown stretch to cheer on the half marathon, marathon & relay participants as they enter the hardest and most difficult part of the race - mile 9 (half marathon) & mile 22 (full marathon). Many local downtown businesses & organizations come out for the festivities and take pride in their historic & charming area of Eau Claire along the river. In years past there has been pancakes, kids' activities at the Children's Museum, sign making stations, cowbells, much tom-foolery, and plenty of NOISE!!!

Join these downtown groups and watch for the Facebook event to get all of the updates & join the fun!

Barstow Block Party - Eau Claire Marathon

The Blugold Mile

Marathon Mile 23.5 / Half Marathon Mile 10.5

The University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire student organizations come together to show their support for community members and visitors running in the Eau Claire Marathon.

With over 1,000 student supporters and volunteers taking part, the Blugold Mile comes at the exact point in the race when you need it most!

On top of all the enthusiasm you will find from the crowds, the Blugold Marching Band and other musical organizations are there to give runners that final push to the finish line. It is easy to see why the Blugold Mile has quickly become a favorite among those running the race!

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What Runners Say about the Blugold Mile

"Best part of the race. The atmosphere is great and it gives you the push to power through the last few miles."

"Was so awesome to run through!! Really helped me push through and finish!! Thank you to all the staff, athletes and students that cheered us on!!"

"I've run at least 25 marathons or 1/2 marathons. Never seen something like the Blugold Mile. It's a big reason I'll be running this one again."

"I've run enough Races to know that at mile 11 or 24, sometimes you have no energy for a smile (I'm pretty sure I've hit a wall and would rather growl at others). But look at these faces! The Blugold Mile gives that energy! It's seen on everyone in these pictures! The runners look just as pumped as the UWEC students. Hats off to your students that come out and cheer as loudly for race leaders as the middle of the pack as the back. Your photographers have caught priceless moments here!"

"Thank you UW-Eau Claire Blugolds!! You were like a turbo booster for me!"

"Blugold Mile for sure is the best! I ran the first half last year and ran my first marathon this year and both years I was brought to tears through the mile. The fan base in Eau Claire is unlike any other race I've experienced and I see it as a yearly tradition for me!"

"It's the reason I come back."

"Thank you Blugold mile!! Very uplifting and one of the reasons I keep coming back to EC Marathon! So moved after running through this year after year. Makes my eyes well up every time! Love, love, love, like, like, like!!!"

"The Blugold Mile made my first half marathon a special memory from my senior year. I loved it. Hearing my name shouted by friends scattered in the crowd and encouragement from strangers carried me to Carson Park. The energy was electric!"

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Blugold Mile - Eau Claire Marathon Blugold Mile - Eau Claire Marathon Blugold Mile - Eau Claire Marathon

The Water Street Mile & Cheering Party

Eau Claire Marathon

The Eau Claire Marathon doesn't end when the final person crosses the finish line... Swing by the Visit Eau Claire Cheering Party and Post-Race Celebration on Water Street for good beer, plenty of water, live music and free giveaways.

Schedule of Events

9:00–11:00 AM – Tunes by I-94 & Greatest Hits 98.1

11:00 AM – Beer sales begin

11:00 AM–2:00 PM – Music entertainment by Irie Sol

2:00–3:00 PM – Tunes by I-94 & Greatest Hits 98.1

Centrally located, this party takes place along the Chippewa River bike trail at the corner of 5th Ave. and Water St., making it the perfect place to cheer on runners during the race with drink-in-hand.

Cheer on your favorite runners, dance to live music, take lots of pictures and sip on some delicious beer (or root beer)! We can't wait to celebrate with you on race day.

Parking is conveniently located at the corner of Water Street and 2nd Avenue (P2).

Water Street Mile - Eau Claire Marathon Irie Sol - Eau Claire Marathon

The Musical Mile

The Musical Mile is a unique feature of our hometown marathon where local music groups provide awesome musical motivation for the runners, spectators, and the community the entire final mile of the race! Water Street will be alive with the sound of music—including the last hill through scenic Braun's Bay and the final stretch to the finish line at Carson Park. We have pep bands, jazz bands, choirs, and even our very own "pep orchestras"—how cool is that!

The enthusiastic performances from some of the best music groups in the Chippewa Valley will encourage and support runners to finish strong on the last mile of their race!

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Musical Mile - Eau Claire MarathonMusical Mile - Eau Claire Marathon

The Finish Line

Food Trucks at the Finish Line…. and we can’t forget to mention the Beer Tent. All runners will receive a free beer or root beer with their race bib tag. Food trucks include:

10% of the proceeds from the Food Trucks will be going to Make-a-Wish.

*Planning to get a beer, make sure you bring your ID. You can bring it to the Expo and get your bracelet there.

Kids’ Zone

Sponsored by Xcel Energy and Larson Orthodontics

  • Bouncy Houses
  • Face Painters
  • Balloon Fun
  • and much more!
Musical Mile - Eau Claire MarathonMusical Mile - Eau Claire Marathon

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