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Marathon Pacer: Tom

Meet Tom: Our Spotlight Runner of the Week! Tom is our 4:45 Marathon Group Pacer!

When did you start running?
I don't remember ever not running.

What was/is your favorite part of the Eau Claire Marathon?
That's a hard question for me. I'm tempted to say the BluGold Mile because it's an experience that rivals or surpasses anything I've felt at any other marathon I've run. But I lean toward the feeling of accomplishment I felt at helping runners finish their first marathon.

Why do you keep coming back to run?
At first, it was because it was easy for my wife to make it to multiple places along the course to see me. Now, it's because I love helping other runners to their goals.

Favorite part of training?
I love the feeling of getting stronger each week.

What advice do you have for any first-time runners?
If you're training for your first marathon, here's my advice:
• Find a good training program and follow it as closely as you can.
• Make your training as much like your race as much as possible.
• Wear the same clothes.
• Eat the same food the night before and morning of your long runs.
• Train on the same terrain.
• Training is the hardest part of a marathon. If you can finish your training program and make it to the start line, you can make it to the finish line.
• The first few miles of a marathon should feel too easy. Don't worry about that. The last few miles will make up for that feeling.
• If the first few miles of the marathon don't feel too easy, you're running too fast. Slow down.
• If it feels harder in the first half than you expected, you're running too fast. Slow down.
• If you're breathing hard in the first half of the marathon, you're running too fast. Slow down.
• Run your race at an even pace. THIS IS REALLY HARD! (It took me over 30 marathons to figure it out.) So, run with a pacer.

WHY do you run?
I run to help me feel better. It helps to quiet my mind. And it helps me to sort out problems I may be having in other parts of my life.

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