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Spotlight Runner: Tadd

Meet Tadd. He will be running in his seventh Marathon on May 6th! 

"Last year, I was training for my seventh marathon but I had a setback. On July 25, I found out I had a kidney stone I wouldn't pass. In the following days, I had an ultrasound done of my left kidney and I found out I had a tumor. Dr. Sean Primley at Mayo helped me thru this set back in my life. The tumor was cancer. Good news it was stage two and it was contained in the kidney. The bad news is that I had to have a kidney removed. I'm very blessed. If I didn't have kidney stones, I could possibly have stage four cancer right now. 

So this Marathon is my comeback Marathon. 

This will probably be the most memorable marathon I have done. 

I just moved here last May. I like the city and the running community. I'm not a fan for the long winter. But these training runs have made me stronger. 

I'm glad to be a part of ECM. 

I wish nothing but the best to all who participate and everyone who is involved setting up and volunteering and to the people that organize this successful event. 

I'm proud that I get a chance to run the 10th EAU CLAIRE MARATHON. THANK YOU!"

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