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Meet Leah, Winner of the Another Mother Runner #AMRiversary contest!

Meet Leah, winner of the Another Mother Runner #AMRiversary contest!

She won an entry for her and her BRF.

"I picked my best friend Erin, it wasn't a difficult decision to pick because she is my person. She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader and she is always up for an adventure. We met just over five years ago at our local YMCA; we had been taking the same boot camp class for a few weeks and I admired her grit. I'd try to put my stuff near her because she wasn't afraid to push herself and leave it out there, I was feeding off of her to fuel my workout. I am a bit shy though and never really said more than "Hi," but one day after class we went to pick our son's up at the drop in care at the same time."

"The employee began telling Erin how her son Frank had been bitten by another child and instantly I knew it was my son Josiah. I literally started crying because I figured she'd be upset and I'd need to switch classes. Instead, she laughed and said her son probably did something to deserve it. Our boys were just 1 ½ at the time and were two peas in a pod. We started working out more and as their bond grew so did ours. In the past 5 years, ourselves and our boys have been through quite a bit together and our families have come to support each other. Besides running we also share a love of Craft Beer and have already begun researching the craft breweries in Eau Claire."

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