Andrew Selseth

1:45 - Andrew Selseth

My running journey began when a buddy twisted my arm to register for Twin Cities Marathon in 2015. It took nearly two weeks to convince me and register but I am forever grateful as I was immediately hooked on the marathon and will be a lifelong runner! I have since raced 5 marathons and 12 half marathons with hopes of dipping well below the ever elusive 3-hour mark in the marathon.

I am lucky enough to train year-round in the beautiful downtown Eau Claire as my Fiance and I relocated here last June with our dog Bentley. We enjoy running, biking, hiking with our dog and craft beer!

I began pacing last year in 2017 and have loved every second of it! I enjoy helping others achieve goals and having a great time in the process. Come run with me and we'll ring in a 1:35 together!
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