Eric Rafko

1:30 - Eric Rafko

My first marathon was the 2007 Chicago Marathon where the temperature reached an extremely uncomfortable 88 degrees. While I was lucky to be able to finish, I walked most of the last 10 miles. After the race I decided I would never run another marathon. I've finished 10 marathons since.

My Advice: Start slow and stay consistent. Consistency is how you become a better runner. Find a running group that runs together weekly. Running with a group will keep you consistent. You will also get free coaching from more experienced runners.

I started running in the U.S. Air Force in 1999. I ran my first half-marathon in 2004. I've run 11 marathons with a 3:00:19 PR. I PR’d in the La Crosse Maple Leaf half marathon last fall (1:22:20) coming off of an injury. I’ve paced the Eau Claire half for the past two years and I’m excited for another opportunity this year! I live very near the course and I run it often but nothing compares to race day!

Race PR’s 5k: 18:28, 10k: 38:45, 20k: 1:17:24, half: 1:22:20.
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