J.C. Lippold

4:30 - J.C. Lippold

As a kid who could never run the mile in elementary school, J.C. finds running to be the meeting ground for everyone to find their strength, their sweat and the reminder that they are always enough. 20 marathons completed throughout 2018, J.C. is excited to pace his 1st marathon while running his 3rd Eau Claire Marathon in 2019.

J.C. is passionate about constructing safe spaces for people to sweat and connect in. Hailing from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, J.C. is a yoga & fitness facilitator, voice and theatre coach & is an ambassador for lululemon and Fitbit. When asked why he loves to sweat, J.C. said, "It is the best reminder of my greatest capacities… My capacity to work, to want, to care, to fight, to love, to have positive perspective, to laugh and to give everything that I have.”
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