Mike Kaiser

4:15 - Mike Kaiser

started running in 2006, and my first race was the TC 10 Miler. I ran with my sister who was a marathoner, and later she encouraged me to try a half, and eventually a full. I was only going to run one to cross it off of my bucket list, and then got hooked! I've now completed 47 marathons, including Boston, which I've run 6 times. My wife, Sonja, is also an avid runner. We are working on running in all 50 states. So far we are at 9, with number 10 coming up this fall when we decide which state we want to visit. 

I have paced around 100 events the last few years. I'm known as the "Trivia" pacer. I keep my pace group entertained (hopefully) with running trivia along the course to help pass the time and help keep people's mind off of any fatigue or pain they may be feeling. Mainly celebrity half and full marathon times, but venture into other subjects as well. I like to encourage my group to share their favorite quotes, mantras, running books, favorite Races, and other topics to keep everyone engaged. It helps to make the miles click off before you know it.

I really enjoy getting to know the runners in my group along the course, and love helping people hit a PR, run their first race, or qualify for Boston. It's a very rewarding activity, and a way to give back to the sport that has given me so much. I always encourage runners I meet at other Races to run the Eau Claire Marathon. It's very well run, has a gorgeous course, awesome fan support, (especially through the "Blugold Mile") , a great party afterwards, and friendly volunteers. Those are some of the many reasons the race continues to grow every year! See you in the Spring!
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