Email from Tyler - Australian Runner

My name is Tyler Burrowes, a runner visiting from Australia and participated in yesterday's Eau Claire Marathon.

I wanted to take the time to email you to express how amazing yesterday's event was. I've been lucky enough to run a large number of marathons in Australia, the US and Europe, and yesterdays was probably the best I have ever been a part of. And that includes the Boston Marathon.

The organization was first class, starting with the amount of restrooms available, both on the course and at Carson Park. The different community groups at each Mile marker were a great addition and made the race a lot more exciting in the less scenic miles, close to the airport and the highway. The drink stations were super well organized and plentiful- particularly in the second half of the race where it seemed like they were every mile or mile and a half. The other great, but very simple part of the drink stations, was the communication from those handing out the drinks, that were very clear about what was in the cups and when the next station would be which was super helpful. At no stage on the course was there any confusion with directions and all of the volunteers and police were helpful as well as incredibly encouraging and positive. The music on the course was excellent and again, very encouraging and enjoyable. The Blugold mile and the preceding group of spectators (it might have been downtown but unfortunately. I'm not very with Eau Claire) was comparable with Boston and provided the most incredible atmosphere I've ever experienced. The noise and encouragement was incredible and again, so much fun to be a part of. Finally, the finishing area was full of positivity from all of the volunteers, and the replenishments were easy, well stocked and super tasty after a long morning. 

The Eau Claire marathon was one of the best experiences I've ever had while running and the organizers should be so proud of what they've achieved in a short space of time. Thank you for putting on an amazing experience and the Eau Claire Marathon is certainly worth travelling for. I can't wait to be back.

Kind regards,

Tyler Burrowes